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Many job finders solely focus on their next job. The problem with this thinking is that most people move one at a time without planning what their career should be for the next five to ten years. Many people often want to get a better pay, a more flexible job, or a better boss, but there is no career growth moving from one company to another. So how do you move through your career using a gap analysis? Read more great facts, click here


It is important to enter a gap analysis, which is an essential tool to effectively target your next job. Think of the type of job you like doing in the next five to ten years and try to look back to see the knowledge and skills you have acquired in order to qualify you for your dream job. What are the steps in gap analysis? First, you need to check online job postings that you want for the next five to ten years and print out these ads. Number each knowledge and skill areas that the ad lists. For example, 1: Managing cross-functional teams 2: Researching possible new growth areas 3, 4, & 5 Determining and presenting new business development ideas, 6 & 7: Leveraging knowledge across the operation using cloud dynamic modeling. There are seven specific knowledge areas and skill sets in this given example. One tip is to find twenty to thirty knowledge and skill sets in each job ad. 


It is good to have a compilation for different jobs and to note the recurring ones. The most frequently listed knowledge areas or skill sets must be written down in each column on the topmost portion of the list, and the least frequently requested knowledge areas or skill sets at the bottom of the list. Gaps refer to the frequently occurring knowledge areas or skill sets that you don't have. These are the things you need to obtain for your next job so you will remain competitive and qualified. 


Remember that employers highly value experience but you don't have to acquire all knowledge areas or skill sets, you only have to consider the most frequently occurring ones. The last step is comparing your gap analysis list with the next jobs you are currently considering. Ensure that it aligns with your dream job to close the gaps. A professional can help you in creating your own gap analysis for career improvement. Check our website or homepage now for more details! Please  view this site  for further details.